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Our Cuisine

We at Le Shio are passionate about what we do to bring various fine culinary traditions from different regions in Asia to our customers in Wilmington.

From our special sushi rolls to traditional cuisine... from Omakase, where you can leave the selection to our chef, to Wok Self Creation, where you can create your own personalized dishes, we are dedicated to continuously strive to ensure that you are satisfied with the taste and quality of our food and service.

Design and more

Our design philosophy brings together contemporary architecture and Japanese concept of minimalist with one objective - providing you with a relaxing, uplifting and unique dining atmosphere.

Our designer, Klaus Obermaier blends traditional motifs with a modern display to create a contrast between east and west. We carefully selected materials to create an unconventional touch whilst preserving the originality of our location. We welcome you to visit us and experience our unique restaurant atmosphere.

What people say about us

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